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Facing the Coronavirus, Together: Overcoming Isolation in Senior Living

As the global outbreak of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) continues to unfold, senior living providers are taking meticulous care to protect the health and safety of their residents and team members. Since mid-March, when the no-outside-visitors rule went into effect in senior care facilities, providers have looked for new ways to help residents feel connected and avoid senior isolation.

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Body, Mind, and Spirit: Enriching the Lives of Employee Caregivers

Kevin, a professional caregiver in a leading senior living community, is typical of many in his field. He has trouble asking for help – which can lead to feelings of caregiver burnout. “I will crash and burn before saying what I need for myself,” he says. “My job is to care for, not to be cared for. I don’t want to burden others with my problems.”

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Employee Wellness: How To Care For Those Who Help Care For Others

Job seekers in the senior care labor market have no shortage of employment options. Employers are vigorously competing for an ever-shrinking pool of qualified staff. A key differentiating strategy for senior care employers is to be an “employer of choice” through employee wellness programs and by creating a healthy, highly supportive, employee-centric workplace.

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The Life Story Program: Learning the Story Behind the Person in Senior Care

Each of us has a unique identity and life story. Seniors, in particular, have lived many life chapters – and typically welcome the opportunity to reminisce and share life learnings. A resource from Lifetime Wellness helps senior living providers get to know their residents’ life stories and build a person-centered care plan that can help make life more familiar and comfortable.

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