Senior Activity Planning: Saving Time & Expanding Choice

Senior activity directors and life enrichment professionals often struggle with the challenges of their role. Each day, they need to deliver diverse and engaging programs that match group interests and individual preferences – often with limited resources.

senior care guidelinesMonica Mankins is the Life Enrichment Coordinator for Senior Care Health & Rehabilitation in Wichita Falls, Texas. She is responsible for resident activity, recreation, and life enrichment programs for the community’s 125 residents. “With so many participants, so many needs, and so little time, staying on top of daily programming can be challenging,” Mankins says.

To save time and expand program reach, Mankins’ community has partnered with Lifetime Wellness in launching the Life Works Wellness Program. The program gives facilities the ability to use the Life Works portfolio of tools and resources, designed to bring a whole-person approach to all resident events and activities.

What Are The Most Popular Activities?

Popular senior activity options range from music and creative expression, to trivia games, chef’s corners, and group aromatherapy. Resources are also provided for health and wellness education, seasonal activities and holiday celebrations, and “Life Story Pages” to help residents chronicle their unique life stories.

Residents who prefer individual activity pursuits can select from the “Wellness on Wheels” resources, which are brought directly to the resident in mobile carts. Whatever a resident’s personality or interests, the goal is to discover – and deliver – the activities that best speak to their individuality.

“With daily activities planned far in advance, I can spend more time with our residents, finding out what brings them joy personally and customizing activities to their specific interests,” Mankins says. “Having Lifetime Wellness as a steady resource has been particularly helpful in ensuring we meet new regulatory requirements and maintain our focus on person-centered care.”

What Can Life Works Do For My Facility?

senior activityThe Life Works Wellness Program offers a wealth of resources for partner communities, including daily programming, monthly calendars, and newsletter templates that can be customized to each facility. Monthly conference calls and quarterly webinars serve as forums for sharing information and providing ongoing training for staff.

Further insights are gained through monthly resident council meetings, where residents share program feedback and offer suggestions for new activities.

Lifetime Wellness offers a variety of comprehensive program options that promote whole-person wellness. Click Here to Learn More.

 Saving Time While Providing Continuity

“Most facilities want to have a strong activity program,” says Callie Whitwell, Chief Operating Officer, and founding partner at Lifetime Wellness. “The problem is, they often don’t have the resources to invest in and develop their staff. And staff turnover can disrupt an established program.

“Life Works provides a consistent, resident-focused program with quality content – unaffected by any staffing changes.” The program has been expressly designed to help activity directors save time and can be used to support the training process for someone new to the role of activities.

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 Paving a Path to the Future

As a new generation of seniors and their families search for senior living environments, they will bring with them high expectations – looking not only for high-quality medical care but also for wellness as a way of life. To meet those expectations, senior living providers will need to continually refresh their life enrichment activity programs.

“Engaging residents in interesting, meaningful activities will be key to successful aging,” Whitwell says. “The future of senior care belongs to providers whose activity programs consistently exceed expectations – and thoughtfully ensure that all residents can experience their best quality of life.”