Memory Care Programs

Memory Care Education

Memory care has a very special place in the heart of Lifetime Wellness.

Our experienced staff provides program development, training, implementation, and oversight of memory care programming. Understanding that the Social Model of care is the key foundation of a thriving memory care program, we work closely with our partners to bring the highest quality of life to our residents. Our goal is to focus on the individual living with dementia and their best abilities. Quality education for those supporting individuals living with dementia is the key to exceptional memory care programs.  Contact us today to explore educational options that meet your needs.  Lifetime Wellness offers the following topics and can work with you to customize an educational plan. 

  • Dementia Basics
  • Response to Behaviors in Dementia
  • Understanding Memory Loss
  • Communication in ADRD
  • Activity Engagements for ADRD
  • Alzheimer’s Stages & Approaches
  • Managing Stress in ADRD
  • Memory Care Program Consultant Visit