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Environmental Wellness: Keeping Senior Living Communities Safe

Senior living communities – among the hardest hit by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – are looking for effective strategies for protecting their residents and staff.

To help the industry implement best practices, two leaders in the wellness field, Lifetime Wellness and Pure Wellness, have partnered in offering a suite of advanced air purification technology solutions. These technologies continue to demonstrate success in trapping and eliminating dangerous viruses.

Effectiveness Against Viruses

“Our Pure Wellness disinfecting filtration system, or DFS, was developed with U.S. government guidance to remove germs from the air,” says Andrew Rehwinkel, the newly appointed chief executive officer of Pure Wellness. The company provides “Pure Room” solutions for a variety of industries, from health care and senior living to hospitality and retail.

“Medical grade, the DFS goes beyond traditional filtration methods to trap airborne pathogens down to the smallest virus, including the coronavirus. The technology is 40 times more effective than a standard high-efficiency particulate air, or HEPA, filter.

“The DFS operates at an efficiency of 99.99 percent – down to a size of 0.007 microns, considerably smaller than the COVID-19’s estimated size of 0.12 microns.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a third-party lab are currently testing the DFS for its effectiveness against COVID-19, with promising results. In 2018, several tests confirmed the purifier’s efficacy in combatting the Swine Flu/H1N1.

Three Layers of Cleaning

Pure Wellness uses three layers of cleaning that eliminate and inhibit the growth of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants, Rehwinkel says:

  1. The Ozone Shock Treatment nullifies odor and starves virus, bacteria (odor emitters), and other particulates of oxygen.
  2. The Pure Clean application uses disinfectant spray, provided through electrostatic sprayers, to further kill any remaining viruses, bacteria, fungi, or other harmful particulates.
  3. The Pure Shield application, an electrostatically sprayed mist, inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi for 90–180 days, depending on the use.

“Pure Shield forms a protective layer and seeks surfaces to cling to,” he explains. “It gets to every nook and cranny and provides an electrically charged surface, creating a barrier that kills bacteria and fungi when they land on the surface.”

A Suite of Services for Environmental Wellness

“Our partnership with Pure Wellness is in sync with our abiding goal as a company: to help our client facilities deliver holistic, high-quality health care to residents,” says Callie Whitwell, Lifetime Wellness chief operating officer. “Proven indoor air quality strategies are key to reducing the spread of COVID-19 – and promoting environmental wellness overall.”

Through the Lifetime Wellness/Pure Wellness partnership, senior living providers can choose different tiers of service for varying needs:

  1. The Surface Disinfectant and Pure Shield Application, for general use space
  2. The Surface Application and Pure Air Purifier, for rooms less than 1,000 square feet
  3. The Pure Wellness 7-step process, for use throughout the facility

“Our patented 7-step process provides a deep, Pure clean,” Rehwinkel says. “It treats and cleans the air-handling unit; applies Pure Shield to surfaces; installs the purifier, and provides added allergy-friendly amenities. Pure Wellness uses only disinfectants approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the CDC.”

“In seeking a partner for our environmental wellness offering, we looked for a company with proven success in a variety of settings,” says Whitwell. “Pure Wellness has been providing optimum levels of sterilization and cleaning for over 15 years. They have the expertise to evaluate each of our client communities, recommend and apply the best cleaning solution, and keep facilities sanitary and residents safe – not only in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic but long after the threat has passed.”