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Could a Robot Improve Seniors’ Wellbeing?

Senior wellbeing is important to longevity and resident engagement. Simple, well-rounded wellness programs promote senior health and wellness and ensure seniors increase both mental and physical activity.

Senior care facilities, who have been hit hard by Coronavirus, have looked for innovative ways to improve residents’ wellbeing, activity and engagement.

One of the most exciting developments is the implementation of what’s called a Virtual Technology Strategy – which includes video-conferencing technology, virtual reality, virtual exercise and activity programs, and, believe it or not, robots!

Although this might sound like an episode from The Jetson’s, new technology that integrates robotics with wellness strategies can be game-changing.

Lifetime Wellness and AVA Robotics have teamed up to introduce a powerful solution to senior care facilities’ ability to implement patient wellbeing through personalized robotics technology.

 AVA is a Telepresence robot that features intelligent, autonomous navigation with built-in sensors for collision avoidance that are perfect for the senior care industry.

Controlled remotely by Lifetime Wellness or other key personnel within each facility, building leaders can safely, effectively, and efficiently use AVA to provide:

  • Personalized virtual family visits
  • Telemedicine visits
  • Remote education/in-services by clinical educators while being mobile
  • Assistance with conducting certain therapy assessments
  • Meaningful engagement for 1:1 resident-wellness and activity sessions.
  • Assistance for family to participate in Care Plans
  • Ability for Owner/Operator to conduct virtual facility visits/building tours
  • Live facility tours to prospects, virtually, yet personally
  • And more!

AVA facilitates an increase in family-resident engagement, in addition to making it easier for residents to interact with activities and medical personnel, significantly enhancing resident satisfaction.

The best part is that Lifetime Wellness helps your facility to increase efficiencies and patient wellbeing by adding additional workload to your team.

See the power of AVA here: https://youtu.be/LVWScRVCDu8

Lifetime Wellness provides person-centered wellness, life enrichment, and recreational programming to more than 40 independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and memory care facilities.

Watch our AVA demo below! Contact us today to learn more or to set a demo up for your facility!