Memory Care

Memory Care Programs

Memory care has a very special place in the heart of Lifetime Wellness. Our experienced staff provides program development, training, implementation, and oversight of memory care programming. Lifetime Wellness maintains a Certified Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care Trainer and can also provide the certification training opportunities to our clients. 

Understanding that the Social Model of care is the key foundation of a thriving memory care program, we work closely with our partners to bring the highest quality of life to our residents. Our goal is to focus on the individual living with dementia and their best abilities.


Music has many emotional benefits such as shifting mood and managing stress. We offer the Music & Memory program and integrate music in many of our quality outcome-based groups.


Maintaining function is a key goal and providing purposeful and enjoyable opportunities to engage in physical activity is a priority in our daily programming.  

Life Engagement

Providing the tools to engage with residents in the capacity meaningful to them is a component of our memory care and dementia treatment programs. Vintage supplies, uniquely themed stations, and reminiscing over activities of their lifetime offer this opportunity.

Life Story

We always start with a person’s life story. We want to know as much about them as possible. From family to career, to their personal preferences, we want to know about all aspects of their life.


Our aromatherapy sensory stimulation program is utilized in small groups or one-on-one settings. Its individualized approach focuses on those affected by dementia and mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. We use essential oils and massages to help enhance quality of life. In addition, training for caregiver staff can be provided. These interventions can be used to reduce agitation, improve appetite, and much more.

Art Programs

All of our staff are trained Memories in the Making™  facilitators through the Alzheimer’s Association. Providing this program on a regular basis, along with other creative opportunities, allows individuals a purposeful connection with their memories.

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