Long-Term Care

Utilizing our whole person wellness approach, we provide a robust, fun-filled, customized activity program for the benefit of all long-term care residents. We custom-tailor programs either in a group setting or one-on-one to meet every individual’s needs. From Gardening, Outings, Music Therapy, Cooking Classes, Sports-Fitness, Spiritual programs, and Art, we have something for everyone.

Our signature LifeWorks Program is what sets us apart. While focusing on the individual, we use this comprehensive program to meet the needs of all long-term care residents. Contact us to learn more about the LifeWorks program today. 

Below are a few of our Value Added Programs:


This program provides a continuum of care approach for residents that have completed their therapy and/or restorative nursing programs. Our Wellness Specialist collaborates to provide physical interventions that help maintain function achieved in therapy. In the event the resident shows a decline, we are in constant communication with therapy so that we can identify needs sooner than later.  

Wellness Campaigns

Throughout the year we offer campaigns around a variety of topics. Fall Prevention, Heart Health, Stroke Awareness, Laughter, and Nutrition are just some of the themes that we focus on. Many of our programs incorporate these campaigns, creating a fun, impactful experience while providing support for the residents, families, and staff.

Giving Back

We believe many of the individuals with whom we work have a desire to give back to others and their community. Through our volunteer club, residents can identify ways they choose to make a difference for others.  From intergenerational programming to serving other seniors in their community, this initiative gives continued meaning and purpose to all.

Memories in the Making

An initiative of the Alzheimer’s Association, Memories in the Making is a fine arts program for people with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia. As part of this program, participants have the potential to awaken moments, thought to be lost, and bring them to life through the hand and memory of the artist. The entire team at Lifetime Wellness are trained facilitators of Memories In The Making.


Our aromatherapy, sensory stimulation program is utilized in a small group or one-on-one setting. Its individualized approach focuses on those affected by dementia and mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. We use essential oils and massage to help enhance the quality of life. In addition, training for caregiver staff can be provided so these interventions can be used to improve agitation, appetite, and much more.


A variety of music interventions are incorporated into our daily program. This may include a Board-Certified Music Therapist or Music Works Coordinator that provides weekly groups and one-on-one sessions.  We provide quality entertainment for socialization and emotional engagement, sing-a-longs, and more! Our Music therapists are available to co-treat with therapy and have had some amazing results.

long-term care, Lifetime Wellness, Music & MemoryMusic & Memory™ is a program we assist each of our locations to become certified in.  This intervention helps those who suffer from a wide range of cognitive and physical challenges to find renewed, meaning, and connection in their lives through the gift of personalized music.  For more information go to musicandmemory.org.

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