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Research has shown that a large number of caregivers struggle with health and psychological challenges from the stress of caring for residents. Often, caregivers focus intently on helping others that they neglect themselves which can compromise sleep, diet, exercise, and more – all of which can contribute to elevated stress, weakened immune systems, and unhealthy employees.

In this webinar replay, Stephen Chee, Director of Employee Wellness at Lifetime Wellness discusses how you can improve caregiver wellness, how proactively focusing on staff wellness can benefit patient outcomes, as well as answer pressing questions about whole-person wellness in the senior living industry. Receive actionable insights, tools, and techniques you can implement to combat compassion fatigue and address growing concerns.

  • Discover how you can improve caregiver wellness in your community
  • Learn how focusing on caregiver wellness enhances patient outcomes
  • Receive tools and techniques to address and combat caregiver burnout
  • Be inspired by how caregiver wellness improves overall quality of life