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A Change of Heart: Promoting Heart Health in Senior Living Communities Part 2

Part 2: Celebrating Every Beat

As noted in our previous blog, February is American Heart Health Month, a 28-day celebration of heart health. To help seniors understand and avoid the risk factors for cardiac disease, Lifetime Wellness – a leading provider of wellness services to senior living facilities – is supporting its partner communities in conducting a February wellness campaign. The theme is “Celebrate Every Beat…Live a Heart-Healthy Life.”
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A Change of Heart: Promoting Heart Health in Senior Living Communities Part 1

Part 1: Meeting the Need

“Many believe that heart disease is a fact of life in our senior years. Yet we have plenty of ways to keep our hearts in great shape, at every age,” says Callie Whitwell, chief operating officer and founding partner at Lifetime Wellness. “Understanding how to best approach daily health is essential, and being in the know about a heart condition can alleviate anxiety.”

Yet surprisingly, just 3 percent of seniors have the foundational knowledge to monitor their personal health, follow care plans, and pursue healthy behaviors. “We work with senior living communities to help residents understand how they can put less stress on the heart,” says Whitwell.

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Senior Fall Risks: Addressing the Challenge in Senior Living

Falls can change lives – in the worst of ways. Each year, one in three seniors fall, and 20 percent sustain a serious injury, from head trauma to a broken hip. These injuries can reduce mobility and independence, and increase the risk of premature death. In fact, falls are the top cause of injuries, and death from injuries, among older Americans.

The good news is that falls are preventable. In the quest to reduce falls among seniors, leading senior living communities are implementing structured programs that take a long-term, unified approach to fall prevention. Read More

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