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Putting It All Together: A Wellness Coordinator Approach to Employee Benefits

Benefits, especially health insurance, are a vital part of employee compensation and satisfaction. Yet getting employees to use all services available, such as wellness programs, can be challenging. Although research has found that daily engagement in wellness programs produces long-lasting behavior change, employers report that participation in wellness programs often falls short of goals.

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Body, Mind, and Spirit: Enriching the Lives of Employee Caregivers

Kevin, a professional caregiver in a leading senior living community, is typical of many in his field. He has trouble asking for help – which can lead to feelings of caregiver burnout. “I will crash and burn before saying what I need for myself,” he says. “My job is to care for, not to be cared for. I don’t want to burden others with my problems.”

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Employee Wellness: How To Care For Those Who Help Care For Others

Job seekers in the senior care labor market have no shortage of employment options. Employers are vigorously competing for an ever-shrinking pool of qualified staff. A key differentiating strategy for senior care employers is to be an “employer of choice” through employee wellness programs and by creating a healthy, highly supportive, employee-centric workplace.

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Employee Wellness Programs: Reducing Staff Turnover in Senior Living

An employee exodus continues to batter the senior living industry, with an average staff churn rate of 42 percent. Unhealthy, unhappy, and “unhinged” employees can lead to widespread fallout, from poor health outcomes and lower satisfaction for patients to higher costs and a tarnished reputation for senior care providers.

In a highly competitive senior care labor market, delivering a consistently positive experience for employees is a key differentiator. A viable way to attract and hold on to dedicated staff is through an employee wellness program– designed to enhance the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of those who care for residents.
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