WEBINAR: Improving Quality of Life While Achieving Better Patient Outcomes

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Senior Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care facilities have a hidden superpower that can improve their residents’ quality of life, as well as patient outcomes.

Join us for a Case Study webinar featuring Foursquare Healthcare’s Chief Operations Officer, Dan Marick, who will describe how he changed his thinking about his activities-based therapies, which dramatically shifted the quality of life for residents.

We’ll also hear from industry experts Callie Whitwell and Susan McKinney from Lifetime Wellness on powerful industry trends including non-pharmacological interventions, life enrichment programs, and person-centered care solutions. These programs are designed to assist in managing difficult behaviors, as well as address risk areas, such as fall prevention, caregiver burnout, short-term rehab solutions, and support for all patients served in our senior healthcare industry; including those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (ADRD).

Nursing homes, Senior Living and Memory Care facilities can improve the quality of care for their residents, and improve both patient outcomes and service ratings, while reducing risk.

This session will cover:

  • The hidden superpower: enrichment and activity-based therapies
  • Non-pharmacological approaches versus the overuse of psychotropic medications
  • The priority of a person-centered approach to improve residents’ quality of life
  • Solutions for fall-related injury prevention and tools to address caregiver burnout
  • Real-world examples of progress made by residents who engage in non-pharmacological interventions

Learn from experts making real change for real people.