June 2020

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Environmental Wellness: Keeping Senior Living Communities Safe

Senior living communities – among the hardest hit by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic – are looking for effective strategies for protecting their residents and staff.

To help the industry implement best practices, two leaders in the wellness field, Lifetime Wellness and Pure Wellness, have partnered in offering a suite of advanced air purification technology solutions. These technologies continue to demonstrate success in trapping and eliminating dangerous viruses.

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Lifetime Wellness Hand Sanitizer

As concern over COVID-19 (coronavirus) continues to grow, many are scrambling to find supplies and clearing out the shelves of our most critical necessities for prevention.

With the continued spread, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has urged the frequent practice of handwashing with soap and water, and the on-the-go use of hand sanitizer to keep the most vulnerable of us from catching and spreading the virus. Unfortunately, as is the case with most convenience stores, moisturizing hand sanitizer can be difficult to find on the shelves, leaving consumers with fewer options for a quality product.

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Staying Healthy: Promoting Senior Wellness Amid COVID-19

In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many seniors are advised to stay confined to their homes or rooms. The need for a simple, well-rounded wellness program that promotes senior health and wellness has never been more important. Activity – mental and physical — is essential to keeping seniors healthy, active, and motivated. This is why many senior living providers and caregivers are looking for a fresh approach to engaging residents in wellness activities while keeping them comfortable and abiding by social distancing regulations.

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